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Prezzo superiore Indicatore luminoso pilota 12V 24V Marchio leader ad alte prestazioni

  • Tensione: 3 V, 6 V, 12 V, 24 V, 110 V, 220 V, 380 V
  • Parola chiave: Spia luminosa
  • Colore: rosso, blu, verde, giallo, bianco
  • Materiali: plastica
  • Certificazione: CE CCC ROSH IP66 UL VDE
  • Grado impermeabile: IP66
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Prezzo superiore Indicatore luminoso pilota 12V 24V Marchio leader ad alte prestazioni

Pilot Light Indicator: A Comprehensive Guide

Pilot light indicators are essential components in various industries, playing a pivotal role in signaling and status indication. From understanding the unique applications such as led pilot light 120v and led pilot light 12v, to troubleshooting common issues and comprehending the differences between regular LEDs, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about pilot light indicators. Whether you are in manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, or any other field that utilizes these vital tools, read on to discover the diverse world of pilot light indicators and how to choose, use, and interpret them effectively.

What Is a Pilot Light Indicator, and Why Is It Important?

spia luminosa is a device that signifies the operation status of a machine or appliance, often using an LED Pilot Light. This light plays a crucial role in monitoring and signaling different functions within industrial, commercial, and household contexts.


A pilot light indicator can vary in voltage and applications, ranging from led pilot light 120v to led pilot light 12v. The type of LED used and its voltage compatibility is essential to match the needs of the specific equipment or machinery.


The pilot light indicator provides real-time information about the system’s performance. It can alert the operator to a malfunction, help in maintaining safety standards, and even assist in troubleshooting problems.

Types of Pilot Light Indicators

There are numerous types of pilot light indicators, including the spia pilota in metallo bicolore e la convex head filn metal pilot indicator light. These variations offer different aesthetic and functional features to cater to specific needs.

How to Choose the Right Pilot Light Indicator?

Consider Voltage

Different pilot lights are designed to operate at various voltages. Depending on the requirement, one might select a 120v indicator light or a 12v model. Selecting the appropriate voltage is essential for optimal functionality. You can find a wide range of voltage options at indicatore luminoso. com.

Check Compatibility with Devices

Ensure that the pilot light indicator is compatible with the device it’s going to be attached to. Compatibility can include aspects like voltage, shape, size, and even color. For specialized requirements, like yachts, the Indicatore luminoso pilota in metallo per yacht a testa convessa da 14 mm potrebbe essere l'ideale.

Standard di sicurezza e certificazioni

Look for pilot lights that comply with safety standards and certifications. Such indicators have been tested and proven to function under specific conditions without causing harm. A reliable source of certified pilot lights is the Indicatore luminoso pilota in metallo con generatore a led IP16 da 67 mm.

What Are the Common Applications of Pilot Light Indicators?

Uso industriale

In industrial settings, pilot light indicators are used to signal machinery’s operational status. These lights might vary from simple 120v indicator light lowe’s to complex pilot led light bar systems.


Household appliances often come with pilot lights in house, which serve as both functional and aesthetic elements. They can be found in devices like washing machines, where a 12mm washing machine ac indicator light potrebbe essere usato.

Automotive e trasporti

In vehicles, pilot light indicators are used for various purposes, from signaling the activation of specific features to safety warnings. A great example is the Indicatore luminoso per bicicletta a LED rosso da 16 mm con cavo.

How to Install a Pilot Light Indicator?

Select the Correct Pilot Light

First, choose the right pilot light indicator based on voltage, type, and compatibility. Options like the white metal pilot 24v led indicator light offer excellent versatility.

Seguire le istruzioni del produttore

Installation processes can vary between different pilot lights. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which may be included with the product or found on their website.

Garantire un cablaggio corretto

Wiring must be handled with care, and proper connections should be made. For specific needs, you might choose specialized products like the Indicatore luminoso in metallo con testa presa LED da 12 mm.

How to Troubleshoot a Pilot Light Indicator?

Identifica il problema

Start by identifying the issue with the pilot light, whether it’s flickering, not turning on, or showing the wrong color.

Consulta il Manuale

The product manual or online support, such as the guides found on indicatore luminoso. com, might offer specific troubleshooting steps for your model.

Sostituire se necessario

If the pilot light is faulty, it might need replacement. Affordable options like the 110v good price green LED 12mm pilot indicator light lamp sono disponibili.

How Do Pilot Light Indicators Differ by Regions and Standards?

Pilot light indicators may differ by region due to varying electrical standards, aesthetic preferences, and legal requirements.

Standard nordamericani

North American standards might prioritize specific safety certifications and designs that align with local regulations.

Norme europee

European standards may emphasize energy efficiency and design aspects in line with European Union guidelines.

Asian Standards

Asian markets might present a diverse range of pilot light indicators, with varied designs and functionalities catering to different regional preferences.

What Are the Symbols and Meanings of Different Pilot Light Indicators?

Understanding pilot lamp symbols and their meanings can be vital in recognizing the function and status of various indicators.

Indicatori di alimentazione

The ac power indicator light symbol usually represents the presence or absence of power in a system. It’s an essential symbol in many electrical devices.

Indicatori di stato

Different colors and blinking patterns may signify different statuses, such as readiness, errors, or warnings.

Simboli personalizzati

Some industries may have custom symbols for specific functions, which are outlined in the device’s manual or guides found on websites like indicatore luminoso. com.

Understanding the Eco-Friendly Options for Pilot Light Indicators

With growing concern for the environment, there are now eco-friendly options for pilot light indicators.

Opzioni LED

LEDs are more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than traditional bulbs, making them an eco-friendly choice. The Indicatore luminoso pilota jemco 22v da 12 mm è un ottimo esempio.

Valutazioni di efficienza energetica

Look for energy efficiency ratings on the product or consult resources like indicatore luminoso. com for eco-friendly choices.

Consider Recycling Options

Some manufacturers offer recycling programs for old or damaged pilot light indicators, contributing to a more sustainable practice.


The pilot light indicator, being an integral part of various applications, is a subject of interest for many. From the types of pilot light indicators available to their eco-friendly options, understanding these aspects ensures better decision-making in purchasing, installation, and maintenance. Resources like indicatore luminoso. com provide comprehensive information and products to suit various needs and standards. Whether it’s led pilot light 12v or 120v, or specialized options like ac power indicator light, the market offers diverse solutions for every requirement.

What Are the Key Features of Pilot Light Indicators?


Pilot light indicators, like the Indicatore luminoso pilota in metallo a led IP16 da 5 mm 8/67 pollici, are designed for durability. They must withstand different environmental conditions, including moisture, heat, and mechanical stress.

Efficienza energetica

Modern pilot light indicators are focused on energy efficiency. LED options, such as the led pilot indicator light lamp with wire, consume less power and contribute to energy savings.


Many manufacturers offer customizable pilot light indicators, allowing for specific shapes, sizes, and color options. You can find customized solutions like the Apparecchiatura audio in metallo da 12 mm, spia bianca 220 V.

Integrazione con altri sistemi

Pilot light indicators often come with features that enable them to integrate with other systems, such as alarms or control panels. This integration enhances their functionality in various applications.

Prezzo superiore Indicatore luminoso pilota 12V 24V Marchio leader ad alte prestazioni

Tecnologia intelligente

The integration of smart technology allows pilot light indicators to be controlled remotely and offers advanced features like programmability. The red led pilot indicator light provides an example of this trend.

La miniaturizzazione

With the advancement in technology, pilot light indicators are becoming smaller without compromising functionality. Options like 16mm IP67 pilot 24vdc led indicator light showcase this trend.

Opzioni ecologiche

As mentioned earlier, there is a growing trend towards eco-friendly pilot light indicators, which not only conserve energy but are also manufactured with environmentally friendly materials.

Integrazione IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) integration is another growing trend, allowing pilot light indicators to be part of a broader network, communicating with other devices, and offering more intelligent functionalities.

How to Properly Maintain Pilot Light Indicators?

Ispezione regolare

Regularly inspecting the pilot light indicators ensures they are functioning correctly. Look for any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction, such as with the Indicatore luminoso led 19mm 12v con riflettore.


Proper cleaning is essential to keep the pilot light indicators in optimal condition. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning to avoid any damage.

Sostituzione di parti difettose

Faulty or worn-out parts should be replaced promptly to prevent any operational issues. Always use authentic replacements, such as Lampada spia luminosa a led verde da 110 mm a buon prezzo 12v.

Consult Professional Assistance

If unsure about the maintenance process, consult professional assistance or refer to detailed guides available on websites like indicatore luminoso. com.

How Are Pilot Light Indicators Represented in Different Cultures?

Pilot light indicators are universal tools, but their design, colors, and symbols may vary across different cultures.

Culture occidentali

In Western cultures, red often indicates a warning or error, while green signifies normal operation. Products like Indicatore luminoso pilota jemco 22v da 12 mm are aligned with these norms.

Culture orientali

In Eastern cultures, the symbolism might differ, and the design of pilot light indicators may also reflect aesthetic preferences unique to the region.

Adaptation to Local Norms

Manufacturers often adapt the design and functionality of pilot light indicators to cater to local norms and regulations. The wide variety of products available at indicatore luminoso. com reflects this adaptability.

What Are the Future Prospects of Pilot Light Indicator Technology?

Pilot light indicator technology continues to evolve, with future prospects looking promising.

Integrazione con l'Intelligenza Artificiale (AI)

AI integration will allow pilot light indicators to offer more advanced functionalities, such as predictive maintenance and intelligent control.

Development of More Eco-Friendly Options

The focus on sustainability will drive the development of even more eco-friendly pilot light indicators, adhering to global environmental standards.

Personalizzazione avanzata

Customization will likely reach new heights, with manufacturers offering highly tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Expansion in New Markets

As technology advances, pilot light indicators will find new applications and markets, expanding their relevance across different sectors and regions.


The comprehensive exploration of pilot light indicator technology reveals its significance in various industries and applications. From understanding basic features to recognizing the latest trends and future prospects, the insights provided here cover all aspects of this essential tool. Utilizing resources like indicatore luminoso. com offers access to a vast array of products, information, and support to meet diverse requirements. Whether for household appliances, industrial machinery, or innovative smart systems, the pilot light indicator remains a vital component, continually evolving to meet modern demands.

How to Choose the Right Pilot Light Indicator for Specific Applications?

Choosing the right pilot light indicator is essential for optimal functionality and efficiency in specific applications. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice:

Determine the Application Requirements

Understand the specific needs of the application, such as voltage requirements (e.g., led pilot light 120v), environmental conditions, and integration with other systems.

Considera il design

Design considerations include size, shape, color, and material. Products like the 16mm IP67 led metal pilot indicator light offrire varie opzioni.

Assess the Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial for reducing operational costs, especially in continuous operation applications. LED Pilot Lights such as 12mm washing machine ac indicator light are known for their energy-saving capabilities.

Verifica la conformità agli standard

Ensure that the pilot light indicators comply with relevant industry standards and regulations. Compliance ensures quality, reliability, and safety.

Evaluate Customization Options

Customization options can be valuable if you have specific requirements. Check if the manufacturer offers customized solutions to meet your needs.

Consultare esperti o fornitori

If you are unsure about the choice, consulting experts or suppliers such as indicatore luminoso. com can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

How to Troubleshoot Common Issues with Pilot Light Indicators?

Occasionally, pilot light indicators may face issues that require troubleshooting. Here’s how to approach common problems:

Issue: Flickering or Dim Light

Soluzione:  Check for loose connections, and if required, replace the led pilot light 12v or other voltage-rated components.

Issue: No Light

Soluzione:  Inspect the wiring and the bulb. It may be a simple issue of a burned-out bulb or a more complex electrical problem. Products like white metal pilot 24v led indicator light come with detailed guides for troubleshooting.

Issue: False Alarms or Indications

Soluzione:  Ensure that the system connected to the pilot light indicators is functioning correctly. False alarms might indicate an issue elsewhere in the system.

Issue: Unresponsive to Controls

Soluzione:  Check for problems in the control system, wiring, or the indicator itself. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or professional help if needed.

Issue: Constantly Lit Indicator

Soluzione:  Investigate if there is a problem with the control system that keeps the indicator on or if the pilot light indicator itself is faulty.

How Are Pilot Light Indicators Used in Various Industries?

Pilot light indicators play a vital role in various industries, each with specific applications and requirements.


In manufacturing, pilot light indicators are used for machine status indication, such as the Indicatore luminoso pilota in metallo per yacht a testa convessa da 14 mm, which provides visual cues for operators.


In home appliances, pilot lights in house signify if a device is on or off, or if it has reached a certain temperature.

Industria automobilistica

In the automotive industry, pilot led light bars are used for signaling and status indication, enhancing safety and functionality.

Industria marittima

Pilot light indicators in the marine industry must adhere to specific standards and provide clear visibility under challenging conditions.

Assistenza sanitaria

In healthcare, pilot light indicators serve as critical visual cues for equipment status, ensuring patient safety and operational efficiency.

How Do You Wire a Pilot Light Indicator?

Wiring a pilot light indicator is a task that requires some technical know-how. Follow these steps for successful installation:

Step 1: Determine the Voltage Requirements

Select a pilot light indicator with the correct voltage requirements, such as Indicatore luminoso in metallo con testa presa a led da 12 mm.

Passaggio 2: spegnere l'alimentazione

Always turn off the power before starting any electrical work to ensure safety.

Passaggio 3: collegare i fili

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for connecting the wires. This usually involves connecting the positive wire to the positive terminal and the negative wire to the negative terminal.

Step 4: Secure the Connections

Use appropriate connectors to secure the connections, ensuring they are tight and properly insulated.

Step 5: Test the Indicator

Turn on the power and test the indicator to make sure it’s working correctly.

Passaggio 6: seguire le linee guida sulla sicurezza

Always adhere to safety guidelines and consult professional help if unsure about the wiring process.

How to Interpret the Pilot Lamp Symbol?

The pilot lamp symbol is used in electrical schematics to represent a pilot light indicator. Understanding these symbols is essential for professionals working with electrical systems.

Simbolo standard

The standard symbol for a pilot lamp often consists of a circle with a letter “P” inside. This symbol is used in various technical drawings.


Depending on the context and specific requirements, there might be variations to the standard symbol. These variations may include additional lines or shapes to represent specific features or functions.

Refer to Technical Documentation

Always refer to the specific technical documentation accompanying the electrical system to accurately interpret the pilot light lamp symbol and other related symbols.

Consultare gli esperti

If unsure about the interpretation, consulting experts or referring to standard guidelines in the industry ensures that the symbols are correctly understood.

What Are the Differences Between Pilot Light Indicators and Regular LEDs?

Pilot light indicators and regular LEDs serve different purposes and have distinct features.


Pilot light indicators, such as 16mm red led bicycle indicating light with a wire, are designed to provide status information, while regular LEDs are primarily used for illumination.


Pilot light indicators are specifically engineered for indication purposes, with customized design options, whereas regular LEDs focus on lighting.


Pilot light indicators often come with additional features for integration with control systems, while regular LEDs might not have such functionalities.


Pilot light indicators may be priced higher due to specialized features and customizations, while regular LEDs are typically more affordable.


Pilot light indicators are used in specific applications requiring status indication, while regular LEDs have a broader range of applications, including general lighting.

By understanding the core features and applications of pilot light indicators, users can select the most suitable options for their needs. Whether it’s the integration with smart systems, energy efficiency, or adherence to cultural norms, pilot light indicators offer diverse solutions for various industries and applications. Comprehensive resources like indicatore luminoso. com provide access to a wide range of products and information, catering to individual requirements and global trends. It’s not over yet.


The pilot light indicator, being an integral part of various applications, is a subject of interest for many. From the types of pilot light indicators available to their eco-friendly options, understanding these aspects ensures better decision-making in purchasing, installation, and maintenance. Resources like provide comprehensive information and products to suit various needs and standards. Whether it’s led pilot light 12v or 120v, or specialized options like ac power indicator light, the market offers diverse solutions for every requirement.

Pilot Light Indicator Prices in the USA

When it comes to finding the prices of pilot light indicators in the USA, there are numerous sources and manufacturers that offer these products. To help you navigate through the options, we have compiled a comprehensive guide below.


Detailed Breakdown of Prices

For a more detailed breakdown of pilot light indicator prices, refer to the table below. It lists various manufacturers and sources along with the type of indicator and price range:

Produttore/Fonte Tipo di indicatore Fascia di prezzo
OMCH Tipi 300 Non fornito LED da 12 mm 12 V 24 V $ 0.46 – $ 0.51 USD/pezzo Indicatore LED Non fornito LED Pilot Light 120V Non fornito Alpinetech PLB12M Non fornito

Please note that the prices mentioned above are approximate and may vary depending on the specific seller, quantity, and any additional features or specifications of pilot light indicators.

Finding Accurate Pricing Information

To obtain accurate and up-to-date pricing information for pilot light indicators, it is recommended to visit the respective websites or contact the sellers directly. This will ensure that you have the most current information before making a purchase decision.

In conclusion, pilot light indicators come in various types and are offered by multiple manufacturers and sources. By following the flow chart and referring to the table provided, you can easily compare prices and find the indicator that suits your requirements. Remember to visit the websites or reach out to sellers for the most accurate pricing details.

*Please note: The prices mentioned in this article are for informational purposes only and are subject to change.

Prezzo superiore Indicatore luminoso pilota 12V 24V Marchio leader ad alte prestazioni

Informazioni su questa introduzione dell'indicatore luminoso pilota

1. I piedini dell'indicatore luminoso a LED 24VDC sono piedini a vite. È molto comodo per te recuperare il cablaggio. Basta allentare le viti sui piedini, quindi inserire i fili nei fori e serrarli con un cacciavite.

2. La luce LED 24VDC ha una dimensione di 12.5 mm ed è possibile utilizzare qualsiasi design del foro di montaggio più grande di 12.5. Se hai bisogno di dimensioni di installazione diverse, possiamo anche personalizzarle per te.

3. Il colore dell'indicatore luminoso a LED 24VDC può produrre 5 colori di rosso, giallo, verde, blu e bianco. Può anche produrre indicatori luminosi a due e tre colori.

4. L'indicatore luminoso a LED 24VDC adotta un LED non polare sviluppato da FILN. Se viene utilizzato su DC, non è necessario dividerlo in livelli positivi e negativi. Se utilizzato in corrente alternata, è possibile collegare un resistore adatto al posto di un resistore raddrizzatore 4007.

5. La luce a LED da 24 V CC non può generare solo 24 V, ma anche 3 V, 5 V, 6 V, 12 V, 36 V, 48 V, 110 V, 120 V, 220 V, 240 V, 480 V e altre tensioni in base alle esigenze del cliente.

6. La plastica della testa della luce a LED 24VDC adotta la tecnologia del nichel galvanico e l'aspetto è in materiale metallico, che è molto suggestivo quando installato sul prodotto.

7. Il periodo di garanzia dell'indicatore luminoso LED 24VDC è di 5 anni.

8. L'indicatore luminoso a LED 24VDC ha superato la certificazione UL degli Stati Uniti e la certificazione CE dell'Unione Europea.

9. Materiale di base: PA66

10. Materiale in rame: ottone nichelato o acciaio inossidabile

11. Sorgente luminosa: led ecc.

Domande e risposte sull'indicatore della spia

1. Qual è la quantità minima ordinabile per un indicatore luminoso a LED da 24 V CC?

FILN è un produttore specializzato nella produzione di indicatori luminosi LED 24vdc, quindi non c'è MOQ. La società FILN accetta piccoli lotti, puoi ordinare in base alle tue esigenze.

2. Quanto tempo ci vuole per produrre un indicatore luminoso a LED a 24 V CC?

Il tempo dell'ordine di produzione al di sotto di 1000 PCS spia spia è di 3 giorni e il tempo al di sotto di 10000 PCS è di 7 giorni.

3. Potete garantire la qualità dell'indicatore luminoso LED 24VDC acquistato?

La società di indicatori luminosi FILN è prodotta in conformità con il sistema di gestione della qualità ISO90001. FILN ha anche superato la certificazione UL americana. Dispone inoltre di apparecchiature di prova per indicatori luminosi pilota professionali. FILN ha 20 anni di esperienza nella produzione di indicatori luminosi a LED a 24 V CC, quindi puoi acquistare con fiducia. Puoi anche controllare il nostro sito Web, per saperne di più sulla nostra azienda. Puoi anche conoscerlo attraverso le piattaforme social.

4. Come contattare e comunicare con la fabbrica?

La fabbrica di spie FILN ha un team di vendita professionale per il commercio estero. Hanno più di 10 anni di esperienza nel servire i clienti stranieri. Sono molto consapevoli di tutti i punti di comunicazione con i clienti e delle merci inviate all'estero. Ogni membro del team di vendita è un ingegnere di vendita professionista. Può anche risolvere direttamente qualsiasi problema di indicatore luminoso pilota che incontri.

5. Come acquistare un indicatore luminoso LED 24VDC?

Se desideri acquistare una piccola quantità di indicatore luminoso a LED da 24 V CC, puoi acquistarlo direttamente da Amazon ed eBay locali. Sebbene i loro prezzi siano alti, la velocità di consegna è molto veloce. Se acquisti molti indicatori luminosi a LED a 24VDC,
Puoi acquistarlo dal ns aliexpress. I clienti ci inviano una richiesta e la nostra azienda ti risponderà in tempo.

6. Dove viene utilizzata la spia luminosa?

L'indicatore luminoso pilota ha un'ampia gamma di scenari, solitamente utilizzato in macchine da caffè, scaldabagni, distributori d'acqua, friggitrici, tritacarne, automazione, apparecchiature di prova, armadi di disinfezione, lavastoviglie, griglie, pulitori, macchine alimentari, congelatori, frullatore, frullatore , Guasto, Automobile modificata, Macchina per la produzione di scarpe, Attrezzatura per la refrigerazione, Supporto per riso isolante, Pentole, Air box impermeabile, Fornello a induzione, Purificatore di fumi d'olio, Secchio per la cottura della pasta, Distributore automatico, Pila di ricarica, Energia solare, PowerBox, Metropolitana, Cruscotto, vino , attrezzatura audio, scatola di distribuzione, effetto sonoro, cinema, attrezzatura medica, pannello auto, lettore, attrezzatura audio, scatola di distribuzione, attrezzatura medica, lettore amplificatore, educazione, laboratorio scolastico, generatore, saldatrici, passerelle per cavi, inverter, regolatori di tensione, dispositivi di controllo accessi, accessori auto e moto, depuratori d'aria industriali.

7. Perché utilizzare una tensione di 24 V?

La maggior parte delle tensioni in Nord America utilizzerà da 110 a 120 V. Alcuni clienti utilizzano anche basse tensioni, come 12v, 3v, 24v, ecc. Progettiamo appositamente prodotti personalizzati per i clienti.

8. La spia 24v può essere utilizzata con una tensione di 12V?
Può essere usato. Infatti la potenza dei resistori utilizzati per 12V e 24V è la stessa, entrambi sono resistori da 100K.

9. Esiste una certificazione internazionale per la spia 24v?

La spia 24v ha superato la certificazione UL americana, la certificazione tedesca VDE, la certificazione CE UE, la certificazione del sistema di gestione della qualità ISO90001, ecc., Con qualità stabile e stili completi. Diversi stili di indicatori possono essere personalizzati in base alle esigenze del cliente.

Prodotto popolare: lampada pilota

Elemento del prodotto
Diametro montaggio a pannello 12.5mm
Modo di contatto Spille
Modo di installazione terminale a vite
Tipo di lampada LED
tensione nominale AC/DC, 3V、6V、12V、24V、220V、380V
Colore della lampada rosso giallo blu verde bianco
Design del prodotto Testa piatta
Materiale del guscio PC
Materiale di base Nylon PA66
Materiale terminale ottone
Applicazioni Macchina da caffè, attrezzatura da cucina, elettrodomestici, automobili, attrezzature mediche, attrezzature industriali ecc
Componente Name Materiali
lente Plastica del PC
corpo in metallo Ottone H59 o acciaio inossidabile 304
wahser Acciaio laminato a freddo T10
Anello di gomma Gel di silice SIL
Scanalatura H59 ottone nichelato
Alloggiamento Nylon PA66
Fonte di luce LED
Resistore Pellicola metallica
Cavo PTFE AWG22 0.3 mm²
Collegare C2680 RoHS ottone
articoli Parametro
Tensione nominale 3V-780V CC o CA
corrente nominale 20mA
Potenza nominale 0.2W
Isolamento e Resistenza di Tensione 1800V
Vita lavorativa 100000h
Vita elettrica 100000
Resistente al freddo -40 ℃
Resistente al calore 80 ℃

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