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Indicatore LED blu FILN da 10 mm Indicatore luminoso in METALLO da 24 V

  • Parola chiave: Luce indicatore LED blu
  • Moda: FL1M-10SW-1
  • Tensione: 3 V, 6 V, 12 V, 24 V, 110 V, 220 V, 380 V
  • Colore: rosso, blu, verde, giallo, bianco
  • Materiali: Acciaio inossidabile, lega di zinco
  • Certificazione: CE, CCC, ROSH, IP66
  • Grado impermeabile: IP67, IP68
  • Email:
  • Scarica PDF: Indicatore LED blu 10MM 24V METALLO

Comprehensive Guide to Blue LED Indicator Light: Applications, Variations, and More

The Blue LED Indicator Light has become an essential component in various applications, from automotive signaling to decorative lighting and industrial machinery. This versatile device offers extensive possibilities for customization and functionality, meeting specific needs and preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Blue LED Indicator Lights, including how to choose the right type for different applications, common problems and solutions, their usage in automotive applications, and innovative ways to customize them for various needs. Whether you’re a professional seeking technical insights or simply curious about these vibrant lights, this article will provide valuable information and inspiration.

What Are the Main Applications of Blue LED Indicator Lights?

Blue LED Indicator Lights are essential components found in various applications and industries. From simple gadgets to complex machinery, these lights offer a multifaceted approach.

Use in Appliances

Blue LED Indicator Lights are widely used in household appliances to signal power or a specific function’s status. For instance, the blue light in a microwave oven may indicate the cooking process. More information on these can be found qui.

Indicatori del veicolo

In the automotive industry, Blue LED Indicator Lights serve as indicators for various car functions, such as the high beam light. These indicators have become increasingly popular, with information on specific products available qui.

Dispositivi elettronici

From smartphones to laptops, Blue LED Indicator Lights are used to signify different statuses like charging, notifications, or connectivity. They are particularly common in Samsung devices, providing an intuitive visual cue.

How Do Blue LED Indicator Lights Function at Different Voltages, such as 220V?

Functionality at 220V

Blue LED Indicator Lights at 220V are typically found in industrial settings. They are powerful and can function without an external resistor. These lights are used in high-voltage applications, such as large machinery or factory lines. Find more details qui.

Lower Voltage Operations

Blue LED Indicator Lights are available in various voltage levels, such as 12V and 6V, suitable for different applications like vending machines. Lower voltage lights are often found in consumer electronics and automotive use, where energy efficiency is crucial.

Convertitori di tensione

Different voltage levels can be achieved through the use of voltage converters or resistors. This allows Blue LED Indicator Lights to be customized for different applications, giving users the flexibility to employ them in various settings.

What Are the Differences Between Plastic LED Blue Indicator Lights and Blue 12V LED Metal Indicator Pilot Lights?

Differenze materiali

The main difference lies in the construction material. Plastic LED Blue Indicator Lights are made of plastic, making them lightweight and cost-effective. Blue 12V LED Metal Indicator Pilot Lights, on the other hand, are made of metal, offering durability and a more premium feel. More information on metal lights is available qui.

Applicazioni e utilizzo

While plastic LED lights are commonly found in consumer products, Blue 12V LED Metal Indicator Pilot Lights are employed in industrial and automotive sectors. They are designed to withstand harsher environments and have a longer lifespan.

Considerazioni estetiche

Plastic lights often come in various colors and shapes, providing a more aesthetically pleasing option. Metal lights are generally more refined and suit professional and industrial settings.

How Does the Led Indicator Light Samsung Compare to Other Blue LED Indicator Lights?

Samsung’s Proprietary Design

Led Indicator Light Samsung has specific designs catering to their range of products like smartphones and tablets. The blue indicator light is often used to signal notifications or charging status. The uniqueness lies in the design and integration within Samsung’s ecosystem.

Qualità e prestazioni

Samsung’s blue LED indicators are known for their quality and performance. They often feature advanced technology, ensuring brightness, longevity, and energy efficiency. Compare them with other industry standards by visiting questa pagina.

Compatibilità con altri dispositivi

While specifically designed for Samsung devices, some of the blue LED indicators may be compatible with other brands or used in different applications. However, optimal functionality might not be guaranteed outside of Samsung products.

What Are the Main Uses of Blue LED Indicator Lights for Cars?

Indicatori del cruscotto

Blue LED Indicator Lights for cars are used prominently on the dashboard to signal various vehicle functions such as high beam, cooling system, and other warnings. Explore various automotive indicator lights qui.

Indicatori esterni

They are also found as external indicators, such as in the headlights or taillights. These are essential for safety and communication with other drivers on the road.

Personalizzazione ed estetica

Car enthusiasts often use Blue LED Indicator Lights for customization, adding a unique aesthetic touch to the vehicle’s interior or exterior. Different shades and designs provide personalization options to suit individual preferences.

How to Choose the Right Blue LED Indicator Light for Your Specific Needs?

Considera la tensione

Choose the right voltage according to the application. For industrial usage, higher voltage like 220V might be suitable, while 12V is commonly used in automotive applications. More on 12V indicators can be found qui.

Selezione del materiale

Depending on the environment and aesthetic preferences, one can opt for plastic or metal blue LED indicator lights. Plastic is usually more cost-effective, while metal provides durability.

Funzionalità e compatibilità

Understanding the specific functionality and compatibility is crucial. Whether it’s for a Samsung device, a car, or an industrial machine, ensure the selected blue LED indicator light meets the particular requirements.

What Are the Safety Considerations When Using Blue LED Indicator Lights?

Following Voltage Guidelines

Using Blue LED Indicator Lights within the specified voltage range is crucial for safety. Incorrect voltage can lead to malfunctions or potential hazards.

Conformità agli standard

Ensure that the selected Blue LED Indicator Light complies with relevant safety standards and certifications, particularly in industrial applications.

Installazione e manutenzione corrette

Correct installation and regular maintenance are essential to prevent any safety issues. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines will help maintain optimal performance and safety.

Where Can I Purchase Quality Blue LED Indicator Lights?

Rivenditori online

Numerous online retailers offer a wide variety of Blue LED Indicator Lights, catering to different needs and budgets. Websites like Indicatore luminoso provide a comprehensive range of products.

Negozi specializzati

Specialty stores focusing on electronics and automotive parts will likely carry various Blue LED Indicator Lights. These stores often provide expert advice and assistance in selecting the right product.

Direttamente dai produttori

Purchasing directly from manufacturers may provide customization options and bulk purchase discounts. It is an excellent option for businesses or specific project needs.


Blue LED Indicator Lights are versatile and essential components in various applications, ranging from household appliances to industrial machinery. Understanding the different types, functions, and safety considerations ensures optimal utilization and performance. Whether it’s a Blue LED Indicator Lamp for a car or a specific led indicator light 220v for industrial use, the market offers numerous options to suit every need. Always prioritize quality, compatibility, and safety when selecting the perfect Blue LED Indicator Light.

How to Install Blue LED Indicator Lights?

Strumenti e preparazione

Installing Blue LED Indicator Lights requires basic tools such as a screwdriver, wire stripper, and sometimes a drill. First, gather all necessary tools and materials, and make sure to turn off the power to the area where the installation will take place.

Cablaggio e connessione

Properly connect the wires as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. This might include connecting the positive wire to the power source and the negative wire to the ground. In a 12V system, for instance, understanding the wiring scheme is essential. More information on 12V blue indicators can be found qui.

Fissaggio dell'indicatore luminoso

Secure the Blue LED Indicator Light in the desired location using screws or adhesive, depending on the specific design. Make sure it is tightly fixed to avoid any loose connections.

Test e risoluzione dei problemi

Once installed, turn on the power and test the indicator light to ensure it functions correctly. If there are any issues, refer to the troubleshooting guide provided by the manufacturer or seek professional help if needed.

How to Maintain Blue LED Indicator Lights?

Pulizia regolare

Keep the Blue LED Indicator Lights clean from dust and debris. A soft cloth with mild cleaning agents can be used for this purpose. Avoid using harsh chemicals that might damage the material, especially for plastic LED Blue indicator lights.

Ispezione periodica

Inspect the Blue LED Indicator Lights periodically for any signs of wear or damage. Check the wiring and connections to ensure they are secure and in good condition.

Sostituzione di parti danneggiate

Replace any damaged parts promptly to maintain optimal functionality. This might include changing a burnt-out LED or fixing a loose connection. You can find various replacement parts qui.

Consultare le linee guida del produttore

Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance instructions, as they may vary depending on the make and model of the Blue LED Indicator Light.

How Do Blue LED Indicator Lights Compare to Other Colors?

Chiarezza visiva

Blue LED Indicator Lights are known for their visual clarity and brightness. They are often used when a clear visual signal is necessary, such as in critical machinery indicators.

Simbolismo e significato

Different colors in LED indicator lights may symbolize various functions or statuses. Blue is commonly associated with a neutral or positive state, while red might indicate a warning or error.

Preferenze estetiche

Blue LED Indicator Lights may be chosen for aesthetic reasons, particularly in customization projects like car interiors or gaming setups. They offer a cool and modern appearance that appeals to many users.

Compatibility with Regulations

In some applications, the color of the LED Indicator Light might be governed by regulations or industry standards. Ensure that the chosen color, whether it’s blue or any other, complies with the relevant guidelines.

Efficienza energetica

Emerging trends in Blue LED Indicator Light technology focus on energy efficiency, using advanced materials and designs that consume less power while providing optimal brightness.

Connettività intelligente

Integration with smart devices and IoT (Internet of Things) enables Blue LED Indicator Lights to offer more sophisticated functions, such as remote control and monitoring.

Personalizzazione e personalizzazione

With advancements in technology, Blue LED Indicator Lights are now available with customization options, allowing users to select various patterns, brightness levels, and even integration with other smart devices.

Puntare sulla sostenibilità

Sustainable manufacturing practices and recyclable materials are becoming a significant trend in Blue LED Indicator Light production, reflecting a growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility.

These trends and innovations highlight the evolving nature of Blue LED Indicator Light technology, ensuring that they continue to be a valuable component in various applications and industries. By understanding and embracing these trends, users can make informed decisions that align with their specific needs and preferences. The ongoing advancements in Blue LED Indicator Lamp technology also contribute to enhancing their functional and aesthetic attributes, making them a preferred choice for many.

How to Choose the Right Blue LED Indicator Light for Different Applications?

Identificare lo scopo

Determining the specific purpose of the Blue LED Indicator Light is the first step in choosing the right one. Whether it’s a power indicator light, signal light, or decorative light, understanding the function will guide the selection process.

Considera i requisiti di tensione

Different applications might require various voltage levels. For instance, a led indicator light 220v might be suitable for industrial machinery, while a Blue 12V LED Metal Indicator Pilot may be used in automotive applications. Questo link provides more information about 220V Blue LED Indicator Lights.

Selezione del materiale

The material of the Blue LED Indicator Light must be suitable for its environment. Plastic LED Blue indicator lights might be used in less demanding conditions, while metal indicators might be preferred in harsh or outdoor environments.

Assess Aesthetic Preferences

In applications like interior design or vehicle customization, aesthetic considerations play a significant role. Choosing a Blue LED Indicator Light that aligns with the desired appearance and style is essential.

Check Compliance and Regulations

For industrial or safety-related applications, ensuring that the Blue LED Indicator Light complies with relevant regulations and standards is critical.

How Are Blue LED Indicator Lights Used in Automotive Applications?

Indicatori del cruscotto

Blue LED indicator lights for cars are commonly used in the dashboard to signal various vehicle statuses, such as high beam headlights, coolant temperature, or eco-driving mode.

Customized Interior Lighting

Car enthusiasts often use Blue LED Indicator Lights to create customized interior lighting effects, adding a personal touch to the vehicle’s interior.

Safety and Signal Lights

Blue LED Indicator Lights can be integrated into safety and signaling systems in vehicles, such as turn signals, emergency lights, or other warning indicators.

Progressi tecnologici

With advancements in automotive technology, Blue LED Indicator Lights are now part of intelligent systems, such as adaptive headlights and interactive displays, enhancing functionality and safety.

What Are the Common Problems and Solutions with Blue LED Indicator Lights?

Burnout and Dimming

Burnout or dimming of the Blue LED Indicator Light might occur due to electrical issues or wear and tear. Regular inspection and prompt replacement can mitigate this problem. For specific parts, you can explore options qui.

Connessioni allentate

Loose connections can lead to flickering or non-functioning of the Blue LED Indicator Light. Ensuring that the connections are properly secured during installation and regular maintenance checks can prevent this issue.

Danno ambientale

Exposure to harsh weather or corrosive substances can damage the Blue LED Indicator Light. Using appropriate materials, such as corrosion-resistant metals or protective coatings, can provide a solution.

Incompatibility with Systems

Selecting a Blue LED Indicator Light that is not compatible with the system’s voltage or design might cause malfunctioning. Proper research and consultation with experts or manufacturers can avoid this problem.

How to Customize Blue LED Indicator Lights for Various Needs?

Choose the Right Type and Size

Based on the application and design requirements, selecting the right type and size of Blue LED Indicator Light is essential for customization. For small applications, flat head mini blue LED indicator lights might be suitable, as seen qui.

Consider Color Variations

While focusing on blue, considering different shades or integrating other colors can create unique visual effects.

Use Programmable Controllers

Utilizing programmable controllers allows for creating various lighting patterns and effects with the Blue LED Indicator Light, enhancing the customization possibilities.

Lavora con i professionisti

For complex customization projects, working with professionals who specialize in Blue LED Indicator Light design and installation can ensure a successful outcome, meeting both functional and aesthetic goals.

The world of Blue LED Indicator Lights offers extensive possibilities for various applications and customizations. Understanding their functionality, common issues, and emerging trends enables users to make informed decisions and creatively utilize these versatile devices in different settings. It’s essential to consider factors such as purpose, voltage, material, aesthetics, and compliance when choosing and customizing Blue LED Indicator Lights, ensuring that they meet specific needs and preferences.

Blue LED Indicator Light Prices in the USA

When it comes to purchasing Blue LED Indicator Lights in the USA, it’s essential to have an idea of the price range. In this article, we will explore the approximate costs of these indicator lights from various manufacturers and sellers. So, let’s dive in and discover the prices!

Searching for Blue LED Indicator Light Prices

To begin our quest for Blue LED Indicator Light prices, we follow a simple process

As depicted in the flow chart, we start by searching for the prices, then list the manufacturers and sellers, and finally, specify the price range.

Price Distribution – A Pie Chart

Before we delve into the details, let’s take a quick look at the price distribution of Blue LED Indicator Lights in the USA

The pie chart provides an overview of the prices offered by different sellers. offers these indicator lights at $5.85, Twittlebit has an average price of $20.18 (ranging from $12.75 to $27.60), and Quagmire Repair provides them at $0.94.

Informazioni dettagliate sui prezzi

Now, let’s explore the pricing details of Blue LED Indicator Lights from various manufacturers and sellers:

Manufacturer/Seller Descrizione del prodotto Fascia di prezzo
OMCH Oltre 300 tipi di indicatori luminosi Non fornito Indicatori luminosi del pannello – LED a testa piatta $5.85
Twitter Indicatori luminosi a cupola da 30 mm, LED 24 V CA/CC 12.75 $ a $ 27.60 Indicatori LED bianchi da pannello da 14 mm 28 V Trasporto: $ 35
Riparazione del pantano Indicatore luminoso di segnale LED per montaggio a pannello EARU AD16-22D/S da 22 mm $ 0.94 (a partire da $ 0.89)

Let’s take a closer look at each seller’s offerings:

  1. OMCH:
    • OMCH offers a wide range of indicator lights, including Blue LED Indicator Lights. However, specific pricing information is not provided. It’s recommended to contact them directly for accurate pricing details.
    • provides Panel Indicator Lights with Flat Head LED at a competitive price of $5.85. These lights are suitable for various applications.
  3. Twitter:
    • Twittlebit offers 30mm Dome Pilot Lights with 24VAC/DC LED. The price range for these lights varies from $12.75 to $27.60, depending on the lens color (red, white, yellow, amber, or sky-blue).
    • presents 14mm 28V Panel LED White Indicator Lights. If you choose to have them delivered to the USA via DHL Express, the freight cost will be approximately $35, with a delivery time of 3 days.
  5. Riparazione del pantano:
    • Quagmire Repair introduces the EARU AD16-22D/S 22mm Panel Mount LED Signal Indicator Light in red, 24V. The price for this indicator light is $0.94, and it can even go as low as $0.89.

Please note that the prices mentioned above are approximate and may vary depending on the specific seller, quantity, and any additional features or specifications of the Blue LED Indicator Lights. It is recommended to visit the respective websites or contact the sellers directly for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

In conclusion, when searching for Blue LED Indicator Lights in the USA, you have a range of options with varying prices. Consider your specific requirements and budget while exploring the offerings from different manufacturers and sellers. Happy shopping!

"L'unico modo per fare un ottimo lavoro è amare quello che fai." - Steve Jobs

Descrizione della spia LED blu
Il foro di apertura della spia blu 10MM
Livello impermeabile IP67, IP68
Stili di filo della spia blu Stile di fissaggio del filo
Colore Rosso, verde, blu, giallo, arancione, bianco, viola,
Certificazione UL, CE, ROSH, IP67, CCC, ISO90001
Peso/Quantità 1 kg / 50 pezzi
I criteri di prova del progetto della spia LED blu
I criteri della prova di tensione di tenuta 1800V
I criteri della prova di impermeabilità IP67
I criteri del test antistrappo 10KG
I criteri di prova ad alta e bassa temperatura 40 gradi sotto zero/80 gradi
I criteri della prova di durata per 50,000 ore

1000PCS / CTN

Stile filo Con filo

Il capo del spia LED blu è un rame felpato che sembra ovvio. Il materiale del guscio metallico è in ottone e può anche essere prodotto con acciaio inossidabile o lega di zinco. Il materiale di base della nostra spia LED blu è PA66, che è un materiale resistente alle alte temperature e ritardante l'infiammazione.

La spia LED blu ha una varietà di colori tra cui scegliere, come verde, giallo, blu, bianco e viola.

Spia luminosa a led blu 110v
a livello internazionale
spia LED blu


1. La tensione può essere personalizzata in base alle proprie esigenze, che vanno da 2 V a 750 V.
2. La spia LED blu impermeabile è IP67, che può anche raggiungere IP68 se necessario.
3. Foro di apertura da 10 mm
4. La durata può durare fino a 50,000 ore
5. Il filo della spia LED blu è AGW18, se hai il requisito di resistenza alle alte temperature, ti consigliamo di scegliere Teflon e gel di silice.
6. L'estremità del filo della spia LED blu può collegare vari stili di terminali in base alle proprie esigenze.

La spia LED blu in metallo da 10 mm 24V ha un'ampia gamma di applicazioni.

  • L'apparecchiatura di prova
  • Macchina da caffè
  • Apparecchiature di automazione
  • Macchina e saldatrice elettrica
Indicatore LED blu FILN da 10 mm Indicatore luminoso in METALLO da 24 V
Indicatore LED blu FILN da 10 mm Indicatore luminoso in METALLO da 24 V

La spia LED blu FILN non ha requisiti MOQ. Considerando il costo del trasporto, ti consigliamo di acquistare 50 pezzi imballati in una scatola. Il costo dalla Cina agli Stati Uniti tramite DHL Express è di $ 30 e il tempo di consegna è di circa 3 giorni.

Oltre alla spia LED blu, FILN produce anche più di 1,000 tipi di spie luminose. Inoltre, accettiamo la personalizzazione in base alle vostre esigenze. La garanzia della spia FILN è di 5 anni. In caso di problemi di qualità entro 5 anni, FILN lo sostituirà gratuitamente.

Puoi inviare un'e-mail direttamente a e ti contatteremo entro 24 ore. Puoi anche guardare altri modelli della spia. Adottiamo materiale in rame di protezione ambientale 62H e tecnologia di controllo numerico per elaborare il guscio.

Il nostro AliExpress

Il materiale della spia LED blu
Lo stile della testa Rame felpato
Il materiale plastico della testa PC
Lo stile di installazione Stile del filo
Il materiale metallico del guscio Ottone, acciaio inossidabile, lega di zinco
Tipo di lampada LED
Il materiale di base PA66
Tipo di connessione Terminale di connessione in linea
Il materiale del dado Ottone, dado 10 mm, passo vite 0.75 mm
Il materiale della rondella impermeabile Gel di silice
Il materiale della guarnizione Acciaio, Ferro
Il tipo di resistenza Resistenza al film di carbonio
Il materiale del filo PVC

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